For Fuck’s Sake

For Fuck’s Sake/ Oh Fuckity Fuck/What the Fuck

This page is just to give you an idea of papers used for previous  FFS’s in vintage and new frames though if I have any newly  in stock I have put them at the top of the page. Most of the papers are available though some I have limited amounts of.  So if you are choosing paper for a picture it is good to have a couple of choices.

I have tried to put them in colour categories.  Some are repeated to give you an idea how they look in different frames.

The mini ffs’s start from £70 but mostly the vintage ones vary from £90 to £130.  The new framed 30cms x 40cms are £90.


 All prices include frames.  Because of the nature of the vintage frames some have chips, scratches, or little bits of gilt moulding missing.  I think these enhance the character!  But new frames are available if you prefer.

Vintage wooden frame.  Red glitter letters on floral decorative paper.  Size approx 23cms x 18cms £80

New black frame.  Approx 30cms x 40cms  .  Red glitter letters on blue decorative background.  £90

Pretty vintage gilt frame.  Red glitter letters on pretty blue and cream decorative paper.  Approx 27.5 cms x22.5 cms £90

Vintage gilt frame.  Aubergine/brown glitter letters on multi floral decorative paper. Approx 24.5 cms x 19cms  £85

Wooden vintage frame.  Red glitter letters on decorative paper. Approx 28.5 cms x 21 cms £85

RESERVED    Wood and gilt vintage frame.  Red glitter letters on green Italian paper  28 cms x 22 cms £85

Pretty little gilt vintage frame approx  22 cms x 16 cms £80

Excuse the terrible photo! Red glitter letters On Chiyogami decorative paper.  Very nice wooden vintage frame with gilt.               36 cms x 30cms £100


Yellow and blue




Multi florals.

The following two are the same paper in different light.


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