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All the fun of the fair.

Carousel.. with mulit coloured lights. With bell jar.

All the fun of the fair

Carousel. All the fun of the fair


Enchanted Forest in Victorian Bell Jar. Commission with lights. (book/book pages/music manuscript/ribbons/crystals/brass)

 IMG_5665IMG_5665 - Version 3

Hand block printed pictures. Glitter and ink on new Italian papers. For more new pictures please go to PICTURE page. Links above.

IMG_7551 IMG_7554



Whale of a Time lino print and hand blocked letters


Gold glitter star and hand printed block letters 30cm x 40cm

Uh Oh Lino cut and hand blocked letters

 ‘Our Racing Hearts’

New double sided heart made from original 1950’s Belgian advertising proofs (for match boxes).  Displayed in vintage box.

one side ..race horse's head

Our Racing Hearts

the other side, racing horses.

Our Racing Hearts


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