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For PICTURES, BELL JARS and other pieces, click on the relevant page above.  Or on the drop down box on the mobile site.

For enquires email, call or DM me on instagram. Info on Contact Page.

Below.. a few examples of the work I make.

3 thoughts on “Home Page”

  1. Hi Sophia,

    I live in Primrose Hill. I’ve just seen the article in The Hill. I’d love to visit your studio. I think I already own one of your pieces, which I bought from Judith Michaels years ago

  2. Hi
    Just wondering if you have any of the “Now Wash Your Face” pictures avalible? If so how much and do you post?
    Many Thanks

    1. Hello Jane,
      Thanks for your message. If you have a look at my ‘pictures in stock at the moment’ page on this website you can see the two ‘now wash your face’ pictures I have in stock at the moment and their size and prices. I can make them a bigger size too but am not making any commissions now until the 2nd week of July as I’m working on a project till then. Postage, £6.10 for second class signed for and I charge £5 cost price for the picture postal boxes I use. I am away working on the project but am back in my studio on Monday for the day to post pictures.
      Hope this helps.
      Best wishes,

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