Some of these pictures have just sold but they can be remade to order. As each one is individual they might not be exactly the same as sometimes papers vary in colour or have been discontinued. But there is always a good supply of wonderful papers in stock.

One off individually commissioned pictures usually start at £250, framed. But prices can be flexible if it is a very simple request or a repeat on different paper.  Please email or call to discuss. or call on 07931774586

Bottoms Up! On vintage wall paper £95

  1. Lettering on individually made Jemma Lewis marbled papers. Each sheet is orginal. 30cm x 40cm £105.  This particular picutre is at one of my stockists.

Felt on decorative paper 40cm x 50cm £105. SOLD but can be repeated

SOLD but I can make a similar one. ‘Life’s A Cocktail’ 40cm x 50cm New font, paper and feathers £245




£95. Also available in ‘YOU MAKE ME HAPPY’ ‘YOU MAKE ME SWOON’ ‘YOU MAKE ME SING’ ‘YOU TOTALLY ROCK’ in gold, red or green glitter letters. On Katazome-shi decorative paper . All to order apart from ‘You Make Me Swoon’ which is in stock. 30cm x 40cm

SOLD ‘You Totally Rock’ 30cm 40cm £95

Can be repeated. LARGE GLITTER LETTERED ‘YOU TOTALLY ROCK’ £100 on katazome-shi background

Hand blocked ink letters with a touch of red glitter on Dandelion lemon paper. 30cm x 40cm £80

SOLD ‘I’d do anything for you’  but  available in ‘ I’d Go Anywhere For You’ £80 Hand blocked ink letters with a touch of blue glitter. On Damdelion lemon paper.  Can be repeated.

‘I’d do anything..’ hand printed letters with a touch of green glitter on Dandelion lemon paper. 30cm x 40cm £ 80  Also available in ‘I’d go..’

SOLD LET’S BE GIDDY. 40cm x 50cm. Glitter, acrylic, ink, feathers, Italian decorative paper. £145

It’s a fine, fine life. Hand inked letters on. Chiyogami decorative paper with decorative flowers and hand painted acrylic bird with glitter and one real feather. Framed 40cm x 50cm .£225

SOLD “It’s all a merry dance”. 40cm x 50cm £225  Glitter, Florentine paper, ink, many feathers.

£90 SOLD

Everything Beautiful Reminds Me of You. 30cm x 40cm. Decorative papers on decorative paper. Glittery ‘beautiful’ £165 This can also be made in the original larger version which is 40cm x 50cm. Any repeats of this picture might be slightly different, depending if I still have those particular papers still in stock. Each letter is hand cut and glued individually.

SOLD ‘It’s All For You’ Black glitter letters with red (leather like -paper)  heart on zirkell paper. 30cm x 40cm £80

SOLD ‘More The Merrier’ 30cm x 40cm glitter on a beautiful blue vintage wallpaper of which there is a limited amount sadly £95

I have printed a new small batch of ‘Elephants in the room’ but this time wearing a jaunty hat ,30 x 40cm  £85  This one is SOLD but there are elephants with different coloured hats still available.

SOLD   Can be repeated but vintage wall paper of which there is only a limited amount. £95

SOLD  ‘LIFE’S A COCKTAIL’  with GREEN feathers. 40cm x50cm glitter, feathers, ink, Italian decorative paper. £225

£95 SOLD


£105 Felt letters on decorative background 40cm x 50cm

Felt letters on grey Lamali paper background 40cm x 50cm


SOLD £115

As above. £115  Green letters on Italian paper.  This paper is no longer in stock but I do have a similar, just as lovely one instead.



SOLD £90


SOLD £90

‘You Make Me Sing’ 30cm x 40cm £90 Red Italian paper with turquoise lettering.


‘I’d go anywhere for your smile’ 40cm x 50cm £135


SOLD £135 on Chiyogami paper



SOLD Buck Up 30cmx40cm Glitter letters on Florentine background £90

£90 SOLD


SOLD  Life’s A Cocktail 40cm x50cm Glitter, feathers, glitter card, ink on Florentine background £225


SOLD Life’s A Cocktail 40cmx50cm Feathers, ink, glitter, glitter letters on Florentine decorative paper £225


SOLD Our lovely, lovely.. 40cmx50cm . Papers on paper £225



SOLD  FOR FUCK’S SAKE 30cm x 40cm £90


SOLD  Gin Toddies. 50cmx70cm All lettering Individually hand cut. Image hand cut and coloured. £255

All Aboard 30cmx40cm £95


SOLD  Timbuktu. 50cmx70cm. Individually hand cut lettering on map sheet. Optional black glittering letters. £205


SOLD  Our giddy love 40cmx50cm £105

Turquoise glitter on paper

SOLD Turquoise glitter on paper 40cmx50cm £135


SOLD Everything beautiful.. .50cmx70cm £225 Decorative Papers and glitter on paper. One of my favourites


SOLD ‘Kiss me quick’ 40cmx50cm Felt on paper £105


SOLD Sweet Heart 40cmx50cm felt on paper £105


SOLD It’s a fine… 40cm x 50cm £225. Comes in variations with flowers and backgrounds. Ink, papers glitter, acryllic


SOLD It’s a fine..40cmx50cm £225. Ink, paper, glitter, acryllic paint


What Ho! 30cm x 40cm. Glitter letters on vintage wallpaper. £95