Some of these pictures have just sold but they can be remade to order. As each one is individual they might not be exactly the same as sometimes papers vary in colour or have been discontinued. But there is always a good supply of wonderful papers in stock.

One off individually commissioned pictures usually start at £250, framed. But prices can be flexible if it is a very simple request or a repeat on different paper.  Please email or call to discuss.

Do email, text or call for information or to purchase a picture. / Mob: 07931774586

I accept PayPal or bank transfers and can post.  Or you can pick up in person from my studio in Primrose Hill and pay by card/cash if you prefer.

The smaller pictures (30cms x40cms ) cost £5 to post second class plus £5 for a strong postal picture box (add on £10 in total) The larger pictures (40cmsx50cms)  cost £6 for the strong postal picture box and postage price Parcel Force 48 hours is £13.50 (add on £19.50 in total).

All prices include frames.

‘whatevs’ approx 40cms x 30cms on Chiyogami decorative paper. £80

Now Wash Your Face £110. Approx 30cms x 40cms. Framed. Glitter, glitter card, ink, Italian paper.

Wish You Were Here. Black hand cut glitter letters on Italian decorative paper. Approx 30cms x 40cms £95 Framed.

Ink, loose glitter, glitter card for bubbles.  Choose a font, hairstyle and colour and lipsticks/nail/eyeshadow colours.  40cms x 50cms. Framed £115.  On different patterned and coloured decorative paper backgrounds. That particular blue patterned paper iis not in stock at the moment but I have similar papers.

Now Wash Your Face £120framed. This is sold as are the others below but they can be commissioned. One blue paper in stock, 4 brown papers but there are other papers that can be used.

Now Wash Your Face 40cms x 50cms £120


SOLD ‘The drinks are on the house’ Framed 40cm x 50cm £155. Individually hand cut and glued glitter letters with hand coloured slightly tipsy lady, clothes made from decorative paper.. glitter all over the place! . Italian decorative paper background.


SOLD  can be repeated in a similar way The drinks are on the house’ Framed 40cm x 50cm £155. Individually hand cut and glued glitter letters with hand coloured slightly tipsy lady, clothes made from decorative paper.. glitter all over the place! . Italian decorative paper background.

SOLD Gin toddies large measures no skimping if you please. 50cms x 70cms . £255 framed. The largest size of all the pictures. All the letters are individually cut and glued. Lady and cut with Chiyogami paper dress. Background is Italian decorative paper. Glitterery eyeshadow, loopy and shoes!

Let’s Be Giddy. 40cms x 50cm. Framed £145

Sold. LET’S BE GIDDY. 40cm x 50cm. Glitter, acrylic, ink, feathers, Italian decorative paper. £145  .

The Prettiest Star 30cmx40cm £95

As above

SOLD but can be repeated.  The Prettiest Star. 30cm x 40cm on blue ‘leather like’ background. Framed. £95. Individually hand cut and glued letters.

SOLD but can be repeated . ‘The Prettiest Star’ Gold individually hand cut and glued letters on a sublet Chiyogami, Japanese paper. 30cms x 40cms. Framed. £95

One in stock. ‘It’s a fine, fine life’ 30cm x 40cm. Framed. £100 Red glitter letters hand cut in baskerville font on Itatian decorative paper.

Sold can be repeated in similar papers. ‘I absolutely love you’ Red hand cut letters on a Chiyogami decorative background. £100 Excuse terrible photograph!

SOLD but can be repeated ‘Oh You Pretty Things’ 30cms x 40cms. Framed. Red glitter baskerville letters on Cambridge Imprint paper £115

SOLD ‘You Make Me Happy’. 30cm x 40cm red glitter letters on Italian paper .£90

You Make Me Happy’ green glitter letters on red and blue Italian decorative paper £90

SOLD but can be repeated on a different paper I LOVE THIS! Rebel, rebel, your face is a mess. 30cm x 40cm . Black glitter letters on red and blue decorative Italian paper. £100

Sold Can be repeated ‘Hot tramp I love you so’ 30cm x 40cm red glitter letters on blue leather-like paper £95

Terrible photo but to show the vibrancy of this paper.

SOLD BUT CAN BE REPEATED. A slightly different ‘The drinks are on the house’ to the ones further down the page. On different Chiyogami paper. Very pretty. 40cms x 50cms £135


Your’re the top!

SOLD . Can be repeated YOU’RE THE TOP ! 30cm x 40cms. Gold glitter letters on red ‘slight Leather effect ‘ paper £95

Crazy for you.

SALE PRICE £71.25 One in stock. CRAZY FOR YOU 30cmx 40cms Red glitter letters on Italian decorative paper £95

SOLD Mad about the boy

Sold but can be repeated . MAD ABOUT THE BOY. Red glitter letters on

Sold but can be reappeared. 30cm x 40xm red hand cut and glued glittery lettering on Italian decorative paper £100


SOLD but can be repeated in a similar way. With this or any Japanese paper, as above,  £125 on Italian papers £120

Sold can be repeated on a different paper 30cm x 40cm . Black, non glittery hand cut lettering on beautiful hand marbled Gemma Lewis Marbling paper. Framed £115

Sold can be repeated 30cms x 40cmx Red , hand cut, bold glittery letters on Italian decorative paper. £100

Sold can be repeated for a limited time. .  One of my very favourites. 30cm x 40cm ‘It’s a godawul small affair’ On the very old and special vintage wallpaper I have in a very limited amount. Due to it’s delicate nature, the cream stripe creases a little when glued. But I think this adds to its charm. £155


Before framing.

SOLD 40cms x 50cms Life’s A Cocktail. £245 Huge amount of varied feathers and baskerville font hand cut glittery lettering on decorative background.

SALE PRICE 67.50 Cheers! Hand cut lettering on very special and beautiful, delicate vintage wall paper. Very limited amount of blue and green colour way. Approx 39cm x 20cm. Professionally framed. £90. Can be available in other decorative papers.

As above


SOLD Can be repeated.  Let all the children boogie. £125 30cm x 40cm . Very glittery and the ‘Boogie’ has holographic glitter

One in stock . Bottoms Up! On vintage wall paper £95 .

  1. SOLD Lettering on individually made Jemma Lewis marbled papers. Each sheet is orginal. 30cm x 40cm £105.  This particular picutre is at one of my stockists.

Felt on decorative paper 40cm x 50cm £105. SOLD but can be repeated


SOLD but I can make a similar one. ‘Life’s A Cocktail’ 40cm x 50cm New font, paper and feathers £245



SOLD £95. Also available in SOLD ‘YOU MAKE ME HAPPY’ AVAILABLE‘YOU MAKE ME SWOON’ SOLD ‘YOU MAKE ME SING’ SOLD‘YOU TOTALLY ROCK’ in gold, red or green glitter letters. On Katazome-shi decorative paper . All to order apart from ‘You Make Me Swoon’ which is in stock. 30cm x 40cm  all can be repeated 

Just made more. Two in stock.  YOU TOTALLYT ROCK. red glitter letters on chiyogami 30cm x 40cm £95

SOLD ‘You Totally Rock’ 30cm 40cm £95

Can be repeated. LARGE GLITTER LETTERED ‘YOU TOTALLY ROCK’ £100 on katazome-shi background

SOLD CAN BE REPEATED Hand blocked ink letters with a touch of red glitter on Dandelion lemon paper. 30cm x 40cm £80

One in stock. ‘I’d do anything for you’  but  available in ‘ I’d Go Anywhere For You’ £80 Hand blocked ink letters with a touch of blue glitter. On Damdelion lemon paper.  Can be repeated.

One in stock.  SALE PRICE £60 ‘I’d do anything..’ hand printed letters with a touch of green glitter on Dandelion lemon paper. 30cm x 40cm £ 80  Also available in ‘I’d go..’




Close up. The colour of the background is more true in the bottom photograph.

40cms 50cms

Sold can make a similar one It’s a fine, fine life. Hand inked letters on. Chiyogami decorative paper with decorative flowers and hand painted acrylic bird with glitter and one real feather. Framed 40cm x 50cm £185

SOLD  I can make a similar one.“It’s all a merry dance”. 40cm x 50cm £225  Glitter, Florentine paper, ink, many feathers.

Sold can  be repeated One in stock £90 30cm x 40cm

SALE PRICE £122 Everything Beautiful Reminds Me of You. 30cm x 40cm. Decorative papers on decorative paper. Glittery ‘beautiful’ £165 This can also be made in the original larger version which is 40cm x 50cm. Any repeats of this picture might be slightly different, depending if I still have those particular papers still in stock. Each letter is hand cut and glued individually.

Sold can be repeated ‘It’s All For You’ Black glitter letters with red (leather like -paper)  heart on zirkell paper. 30cm x 40cm £80

SOLD Can be repeated ‘More The Merrier’ 30cm x 40cm glitter on a beautiful blue vintage wallpaper of which there is a limited amount sadly £100

I have printed a new small batch of ‘Elephants in the room’ but this time wearing a jaunty hat ,30 x 40cm  £85  This one is SOLD but there are elephants with different coloured hats still available.

SOLD   Can be repeated but vintage wall paper of which there is only a limited amount. £100

SOLD  Can be repeated. ‘LIFE’S A COCKTAIL’  with GREEN feathers. 40cm x50cm glitter, feathers, ink, Italian decorative paper. £225

£95 SOLD


SOLD. £105 Felt letters on decorative background 40cm x 50cm   Available in ‘OUR GIDDY LOVE’

SOLD £105 Felt letters on grey Lamali paper background 40cm x 50cm SOLD. Can be made again,



SOLD CAN BE REPEATED WITH A SIMILAR PAPER .  As above. £115  Green letters on Italian paper.  40cm x50cm



SOLD £90


SOLD £90

‘You Make Me Sing’ 30cm x 40cm £90 Red Italian paper with turquoise lettering. Sold can be repeatead

‘You make me happy’ is available in this glitter and paper,

SALE PRICE £101 ‘I’d go anywhere for your smile’ 40cm x 50cm £135


SOLD £135 on KATAZOMI SHI  paper

Sold can be repeated NEW KATAZOME – SHI PAPER 40CM X 50CM. £135


SOLD Buck Up 30cmx40cm Glitter letters on Florentine background £90

£90 SOLD


SOLD  CAN BE REPEATED WITH SIMILAR FEATHERS  Life’s A Cocktail 40cm x50cm Glitter, feathers, glitter card, ink on Florentine background £225


SOLD CAN BE REPEATED WITH SIMILAR FEATHERS Life’s A Cocktail 40cmx50cm Feathers, ink, glitter, glitter letters on Florentine decorative paper £225


SOLD CAN BE REPEATED WITH DIFFERENT PAPERS  Our lovely, lovely.. 40cmx50cm . Papers on paper £225


SOLD  FOR FUCK’S SAKE 30cm x 40cm £90


SOLD  CAN BE REPEATED IN A SIMILAR FASHION. Gin Toddies. 50cmx70cm All lettering Individually hand cut. Image hand cut and coloured. £255

SOLD. All Aboard 30cmx40cm £95. I no longer have this paper but I can repleat the sentiment on another background


SOLD  Timbuktu. 50cmx70cm. Individually hand cut lettering on map sheet. Optional black glittering letters. £205



Turquoise glitter on paper

SOLD Turquoise glitter on paper 40cmx50cm £135


SOLD CAN BE REPEATED WITH DIFFERNT PAPERS Everything beautiful.. .50cmx70cm £225 Decorative Papers and glitter on paper. One of my favourites


SOLD ‘Kiss me quick’ 40cmx50cm Felt on paper £105


SOLD Sweet Heart 40cmx50cm felt on paper £105


SOLD It’s a fine… 40cm x 50cm £225. Comes in variations with flowers and backgrounds. Ink, papers glitter, acryllic


SOLD It’s a fine..40cmx50cm £225. Ink, paper, glitter, acryllic paint


Sold can be repeated What Ho! 30cm x 40cm. Glitter letters on vintage wallpaper. £95